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San Francisco-based NYMPHYA is an Ethereal Art Rock singer / songwriter whose music is a mix of Art Pop, Worldbeat, and Indie Rock. Her style may be best described as a stirring collage of eclectic beats, soaring vocals, and captivating layers that accompany her insightful lyrics.  Transpersonal and unusual, her music transports the listener to mystical lands or a places of deep reflection.  “More of an immersion than a listening session” wrote Marc Farr of Rock and Roll Infinity. She has been selling her original music to enthusiastic global audiences since 2017 and has garnered an international following, accumulating over 1M streams on digital platforms along with dedicated fans collecting her physical albums.
NYMPHYA'S iconic 3rd album and illustrated companion book, "WHAT HAVE I FORGOTTEN?" is a Progressive Art-Pop 360 immersion into the ancient relics
hidden within all of us and is finally  AVAILABLE NOW
NYMPHYA's 2nd album, NAKED KATE, is an all acoustic, stripped down anthology of the music of the great Kate Bush.
Not available on streaming platforms, this special release can only be purchased here: 👇
NYMPHYA's stirring debut recording DREAM DANCE drops you into a dreamscape glade and wind you through twisted trails and tales of discovery, loss, joy, mystery, and redemption. This continuous play release features all 13 tracks of diverse beats set against arching vocals, juxtaposed soundscapes and unusual instrumentations, all tinted with the rainbow colors of Nymphya’s hypnotic voice.
All of Nymphya's original music combines her influences of Kate Bush, Schpongle, Lorde, Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Loreena McKennitt, The BeeGees, The Doors, Patti Smith, and Bjork.
"An ambitious and well-crafted work, which provokes as much as it soothes. Sonically what has been created here sounds unique, an admirable accomplishment in and of itself. . . It asks much of the listener and warrants repeated visits. Dream Dance deserves to be heard”.  Rawckus Magazine – Chris Wheatley
"The packaging is stellar;  I love the lyric book, and the artwork.  Nymphya has delivered in spades with this album. I will encourage my listeners to hear this through headphones. . . We have ourselves a celestial new age goddess.”  Deep Nuggets Radio – Steven Davies Morris
Her music is stunningly beautiful – layered, clean, crisp, and dreamy, yet succinct. Her voice pierces the sound spectrum with pure crystalline force in a chilling hymnal-like aura that paints colorful strokes.”  TunedLoud Magazine



What Have I Forgotten?
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Outside of Time
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sheldon N
I Forgot Just What Is Possible!
I supported Nymphya’s new work on Kickstarter, because I appreciate her talents, but I had no idea what a deep dive she was taking, or that she would pull it off so thoroughly. In truth, I don’t much listen to medieval dreamscape, but Nymphya possesses the songwriting, arranging, musical, technical, and vocal skills (of course ) to throw an old rock opera fan like me down into her chalice well. I DO respect an odyssey, and this journey of Remembrance weaves fife and drum through lush synth and axe (peppered with exotic vocalizations) to reveal her yearning for soul connection and successful self realization. As heartfelt and sophisticated as it is, What Have I Forgotten? is in no way lacking Nymphya’s immutable spark of whimsy, either.
The beautifully illustrated companion volume is a joy to read, and her gracious gift of selected meditations, to guide the listener on their own journey of Remembrance, is worth far more than the price of admission.”



Immerse yourself in a captivating journey with WHAT HAVE I FORGOTTEN? Written and recorded to surround you with lush vocals and unusual instrumentations; a fusion of folk, classical, progressive, and electro elements.ts..