Song Decoder Episode 1: What Have I Forgotten? - Nymphya
Dream Dance

Over the Hedge (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Dream Dance (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Beautiful Wound (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Wasteland (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Heart on a Shelf (excerpt)

Dream Dance

We Carry On (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Goin' Home (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Spiral (Excerpt)

Song Decoder Episode 1: What Have I Forgotten?

One of my favorite podcasts is Song Exploder, where host
Thao Nguyen invites guests to deconstruct their songs.

How fascinating is it to hear the various textures and parts that make up a great song, as well as what inspired it?

Since it’s been a year since I released by first album, Dream Dance, it is extremely exciting to be back in the studio again, writing, arranging and producing my next album, Through the Looking Glass. (The impact that Dream Dance has had on my life is hard to encapsulate; so let’s just say: it has changed my life completely and I am stunned by the response I’ve gotten to the music).

After a year of focusing on promotions, which is also exciting in a whole other way (EG: sharing my music with fans), I am really ready to dive into my favorite part of the album making process: the discovery of melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and arrangements in the recording studio.

So come join me in the studio! And watch my version of the Song Exploder podcast, as I deconstruct how I put the first song for the new album, “What Have I Forgotten”? together.

(I knew that I wanted the first song on this album to start with just my voice, and I knew that I wanted it to lead you thematically into the second song, the title track “Through the Looking Glass“. So, on New Year’s Eve, 2019, I started writing and recording this song, which eventually has become “What Have I Forgotten?”)

I am excited to see where this next creative phase will lead. . . And, I hope you’ll stick with me on the journey!

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