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Dream Dance (excerpt)

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Live! Acrylic Painting from the Garden
I love to paint.
Not just with paints, but also, and especially, with sound.

To me, the process of writing, arranging and recording an album of original music is exactly like painting, but with sound waves.

. . . To experiment with the different sonorities of the instruments, and how the musical lines interact, feels identical to doing the same thing with actual pigments on canvas.

And, I’ve noticed that when I do actually paint on canvas, I tend to talk to myself, or sing or make some sort of noise.

People talk about synthesthesia: the neurological state in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses, as a condition.

I can say that I have actively trained my intuitive mind to feel and hear in colors… it enhances my interior world.  Sometimes when I am seeking a melodic phrase or lyric, I start seeing a movie in my mind that then triggers the phrase.

So, all that said, painting with actual paints on a canvas feels like a similar creative outlet for the flow as making my music does, and I thought I’d share it with you in real time, so that you could be a part of it.


I decided to paint this 12 x 12 abstract acrylic painting, (working title “Blue Magnolia”) as a study of complementary and monochromatic colors, as well as wanting to play with the pumice medium that gives the painting some texture and an organic feel.

I was surprised when I finished how the leaves or blossoms reminded me of flames, and that the branches looked sinister. And I wondered if that had anything to do with the recent fires surrounding where I live.

But that’s what I love about abstracts. . . you can see in them what you will.

I hope you enjoy watching how this painting unfolds, as you listen to an alternate mix of “Goin’ Home”, (which is on my first album DREAM DANCE).

Oh!  And PS: You can see some of my other paintings from my Vivaldi Collection HERE.


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