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Dream Dance

Over the Hedge (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Dream Dance (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Beautiful Wound (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Wasteland (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Heart on a Shelf (excerpt)

Dream Dance

We Carry On (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Goin' Home (excerpt)

Dream Dance

Spiral (Excerpt)


Life is But a Dream . . . The Making of DREAM DANCE February 1, 2018

Writing, producing, and recording DREAM DANCE took over 3 years and was truly a life changing event for me. It turns out that I shot a lot of video blogs throughout the process of assembling this album, and since so many of you are also artists and creatives, I thought you’d find something of value Read More…

A Tribute to My Influences January 3, 2018

When I was a kid, I spent hours and hours in my room playing my guitar and singing. I sometimes would also wander out into the woods around our house with my guitar until I found just the right spot, and  sit on the ground serenading the trees. There was one song I played over Read More…

The Making of: We Carry On October 3, 2017

Of all the songs on DREAM DANCE, this one was probably the MOST challenging. I had my struggles with others, to be sure. Dream Dance, the song itself, presented multiple difficulties (culminating with 27 versions of it)! But We Carry On was its own beast. I had set myself a goal to write a pop anthem Read More…

Melanie Martinez – The Making of: Heart on a Shelf July 4, 2017

“Heart on a Shelf” is the one song on DREAM DANCE that was directly inspired by a new pop artist I had run across randomly while watching The Voice in 2012, Melanie Martinez.  I remember at the time as I watched her that I felt a strange affinity for her, as she seemingly got swallowed up by the show Read More…

The Making of: Wasteland February 16, 2017

“Wasteland” was the very first song I wrote for this CD, and it holds a very, very special place in my heart for many reasons. I asked Gentry Bronson to write some lyrics for me to arrange and compose to jump start my recording project. When he presented me with these, I was immediately taken with them. Read More…

The Making of: Beautiful Wound February 3, 2017

This song came late in the process of writing and producing Dream Dance. I had been doing a lot of listening to Lordes’ Pure Heroine for ideas on drum programming, as I had wanted to break out of trimming and molding the drum loops and experiment with creating my own rhythm track. I made some incredible Read More…

The Making of: Dream Dance (song) December 31, 2016

Visit to access your free download of “Dream Dance.” You never know from where inspiration will spring. This song is one of those cases. I had been reading this incredible book “COLOR” by Victoria Finlay which is a perspective and travelogue about the origins of color. I was drawn to the book because of Read More…

The Making Of: Over the Hedge December 10, 2016

My original concept for the DREAM DANCE CD was to create the soundtrack for a live, phantasmagorical electronic music show with my sometime lyric-writing partner, Gentry Bronson, as the barker and myself as the protagonist, telling a story about the evolution of relationship. I conceived of Over the Hedge initially as an overture; a launching Read More…

Music, Magic and Atmosphere November 21, 2016

Hey, it’s Nymphya here!  I hope you will really enjoy listening to the music as much as I enjoyed creating it. I thought it would be cool to let you know a little bit more about me since I’m pretty sure if you’re into Art Pop/Experimental/Bohemian type music, we probably have more than just a Read More…

It’s in the Trees, it’s Coming! Kate Bush Releases Before the Dawn Live Recording October 1, 2016

Kate Bush has been called a half faerie singer-songwriter, and nearly every quirky female pop artist who has followed her tends to get compared to her. Being a quirky, female, half faerie singer-songwriter / producer myself who has also been compared to her, Kate Bush has been supremely impactful on my music-making for my release Read More…

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